Ditch your car, keep your freedom.

Access an entire fleet of cars on demand for less than the cost of the one you own now.

Cars on tap

We've turned the family car into a true utility that you can turn on or off on demand as you please. Delivered wherever you are.
Get your wheels

Swap any time

Not liking the model you picked? Swap. Need a larger car for the weekend? Swap. Fender bender? Swap.
Get your wheels

Per-mile pricing

Pay only for the miles you actually drive. Our simple and all-inclusive pricing gives you exactly what you need. No decoder ring required.
Get your wheels

You just drive; we'll take care of the rest

Total freedom

YOYO is a better alternative to owning or leasing a car
- drive any car you want at any time
- everything's included in a low per-mile fee
- swap for another car at any time

We come to you

We’ll send out a YOYO agent to deliver your selected set of wheels right to you -- whenever you want, wherever you are. 
When you’re finished with it, you press a button in the app and one of our agents comes to pick it up  -- with an option to swap out for a different car, if it strikes your fancy.

No ownership hassles

No astronomical monthly payments, no insane insurance premiums, no complicated claims processes, no mechanic hassles, no DMV trips, no airport rental lines.

Mobility that fits your pocketbook

Huge savings

Tired of paying an arm and a leg for monthly car payments, insurance premiums, oil changes, and gas costs? 
Yeah. So are we. 
With our simple and all-inclusive per-mile pricing, you pay less for the same car than any other alternative, with the option to drive any car at any time.

The smartest way to drive

Right car at the right time

With YoYo, you can take a sedan to the office during the week, trade it for an SUV for a family camping trip over the weekend, and then swap it out for a convertible to escort your better half on a swanky night out on the town. All in the same week.
The right car just shows up .... like magic!

Can Yoyo, a pay-per-mile car subscription service, shake up the mobility landscape?
I wouldn't bet against them . . .

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Own the road, not the car

YOYO provides on-demand, pay-per-mile access to an entire fleet of personal vehicles at a far less cost and without any of the hassles that come with traditional car ownership -- empowering car owners to ditch their cars while keeping their freedom.

No commitment

Return it after just a day or keep it for a month. We don't lock you into long term contracts

Great prices

Flexible and totally variable pricing make YOYO way cheaper than buying or leasing

Everything included

Every YOYO car includes insurance, maintenance, registration and roadside assistance

Easy application process

We hate paperwork as much as you do.When you get a car through YoYo, everything is handled right in the app

What people are saying

Feels like the future of cars

“Wow! Feels like the future of cars. Awesome company, awesome service. I’m a big fan. Seriously folks - never fall victim to dealership shenanigans again” -
Michaela B.
Houston, TX

Elevating my dating game

“I'm a divorced dad of 3 boys. and I truck them around in my minivan, but on “mama days” I find myself having to pickup dates in a Dodge Caravan lol. Needless to say, that’s a problem on the dating scene. Would love to have a part-time Mustang from YOYO"
Craig E. 
Atlanta, GA

The best way to drive

"Damn, wow, what a friggin awesome concept, love it! The fact that you bring the car to me out in the suburbs is so awesome! Nobody else does that. I’m convinced this will be BIG!"
Dianne S.
San Francisco
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Ready to ditch the car depreciating in your driveway while keeping all of your freedom? Wouldn't you rather just ACCESS a car when you need it instead of dealing with headaches of OWNING it?

Hop in, buckle up, and join us for the ride!