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We use our cars in fractions, but we buy them in whole numbers, and we always have to round up :(

Cars are a massively underutilized asset, a fast-depreciating boat anchor around our necks actually, that sit in our driveway most of the time, but cost an arm and a leg every month, whether they're used or not.

If you're an average US consumer, you have pulled out your hair at a dealership when buying your car, you pay for that car while it’s sitting in your driveway depreciating, you've paid through the nose for insurance, you've gone through insurance hell for minor fender benders, and you've definitely experienced getting screwed by mechanics.


What's broken

Do you know what your car actually costs you every month? Or how much you pay for each mile you drive? 
When asked about their monthly car costs, most people only consider their car payment, which on average is around $482. But that $482 isn't the whole cost to own that car - far from it.
We almost always overlook all the other sneaky car-related leaks from our wallets. We have license fees, registration fees and taxes. We need to buy insurance, fill the gas tank, go in for regular maintenance. And our cars lose value from depreciation every single day we own it, regardless of whether we drive it or not.


How we fixed it

That's why we created YOYO: The revolutionary new on-demand service giving drivers everywhere a better alternative to car ownership.YOYO provides on-demand, pay-per-mile access to an entire fleet of personal vehicles at a far less cost and without any of the hassles that come with traditional car ownership -- empowering car owners to ditch their cars while keeping their freedom.


What's broken

As modern customers, we want convenience, simplicity, and flexibility. The car industry just isn't designed for that. We are forced to use our cars as "all-purpose" vehicles, no matter if we're commuting alone to work or taking the whole family to the beach. It's one-size-fits-none approach.
Your tastes and needs change - not only from year to year, but from month to month and week to week. You might need a commuter car during the week, but an SUV for weekend getaways with the family, or a fancy car for a hot date, or a minivan for your kids’ soccer matches. 
The way we buy cars today doesn't allow for that flexibility. We're locked into a 3 - 5 year contract for an expensive car that's a force fit.


How we fixed it

YOYO, on the other hand, gives our members the flexibility to choose the right car for the right need at the right time, delivered right to their doorstep on demand. 
Car-as-a-utility that you can turn on and off on demand is an intelligent alternative to owning one.
With YoYo, you can take a sedan to the office during the week, trade it for an SUV for the family camping trip over the weekend, and then swap it out for a convertible to escort your better half on a swanky night out on the town. All in the same week.


What's broken

We face price gouging, inefficiency and hassles at every point in our car lifecycle - from buying, financing, insuring, repairing, maintaining to eventually trading in.
Service sucks, and opportunistic price gouging is rampant because service providers treat it as a 1-time transaction.
Haggling at the dealership with a car salesman, battling for days through negotiation shenanigans, dealing with no-value upsells and never-ending paperwork are now a cliché. Credit qualification hurdles and sizable down payments for a fast-depreciating asset is no joy either.
But it doesn’t end there. God forbid you get into an accident or even a minor fender-bender. You’ll get an unwelcome introduction to the world of draconian claims processes, pitifully low reimbursement rates, and high penalties for claims.
The imbalance of power (they have it, you don’t) puts the dealer, insurance agent, bank or mechanic in the driver’s seat, not you.


How we fixed it

We have eliminated the need for you to ever set foot in a dealership, or hassle with insurance companies, or get taken to the cleaners by a mechanic ever again.
We stand between you and the car industry to take on all the hassles, so you don’t have to.
Because we buy in volume, we can access services at deeply discounted long-term bulk rates. Much, much cheaper than you can access on your own.
And we turn around and and provide short-term on-demand car access to our members. Most of the time, at a lower expense than owning or renting.
This is how we can provide our customers with massive flexibility.

A new way to drive

At its heart, YOYO is a grassroots movement to forever change the car industry. In as little as 10 years from now, we’ll all look back and shake our heads at just how inefficient the car industry and our consumption of cars really is. Paying through the nose for a depreciating hunk of metal in our driveways will seem barbaric compared to the future we envision. We hope to make YOYO the smartest way to access cars. We are working hard to bring the future to today.

Radical flexibility

YOYO provides you with flexible access to an entire fleet of cars for less than cost of owning. Our on-demand white-glove concierge service delivers the right car for the right occasion right to your door. All it takes is 1-click, super-fast sign up from our mobile app using your social credentials, and we make it easier than ever to begin reaping all of the many benefits that YOYO offers.
Smarter than all the alternatives
Access a car only as much as you need it, and not any more than you have to
Lower out-of-pocket costs compared to any other alternative
Option to drive the right car for the right occasion
All this with a white glove concierge service to bring the car to your doorstep on demand.

Here's how we save you hundreds of dollars

Match your monthly car expense to your exact driving needs. Pay for only the miles you actually drive. We help you turn a large fixed expense (ownership) into a small variable expense (access).

Yeah, but . . . .

I like owning my own car. What's wrong with that?

Nothing. Some people still like going around in circles at dealerships, getting fleeced by mechanics and paying for years for a boat anchor of a car depreciating away in their driveway. If that describes you, you probably also like opening pre-shaken soda cans, having your seat kicked on an airplane, being rammed by a shopping cart, sitting in gum, and walking into glass doors. But for everyone else, there’s YOYO.

No, but in all seriousness, there are lots of scenarios where a per-mile service like ours might not be a good fit for you. If your needs are fairly simple, and you don’t really need the flexibility of swapping into different types of cars, we might not be for you. Or, if you drive a lot of miles consistently every single month, and your usage pattern is fairly uniform, you’re probably better off buying a car, keeping it for a long time, and enjoying years of payment-free driving. 

However, we still encourage you to give us a shot. You might be surprised to find that you can’t live without it :)

Our customers love us

Ravi Shekharan
Palo Alto, CA

Truly disruptive

“YOYO is a truly disruptive company that has the potential to revolutionize how we consume cars by introducing a pay-per-mile subscription service in lieu of car ownership. They have really re-thought the customer experience and come up with a unique and creative solution. I'm a huge fan.”

Nathan Ismail
Sunnyvale, CA

Makes financial sense

"I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about YOYO. I thought the pricing was a little high, but when I actually did the math on how much I was paying for my own car, YOYO just made so much more sense. I fired up the old spreadsheet, and all the number-crunching I did tells me that the cost of driving with YOYO is less than what my car costs me every month when you add in insurance, maintenance, and depreciation. My girlfriend immediately loved the idea of getting a different car every few days. We’ve been telling everyone about YOYO!"

Eve McLaughlin
Mountain View, CA

What’s not to love!

When my 10 year old car broke down, I was dreading the thought of sinking thousands of dollars into an old car. Thought it was time to junk the old one and I started looking around for a new car. During the search process, I randomly came across YOYO, and thought it was a fantastic idea. Since the old car wasn’t meeting the needs of my family, we thought we’d try out YOYO temporarily until we buy our next car. Now that we’ve been a customer for a few months, there’s no way I’m ever buying a car again! This is a fantastic service that completely takes away all the hassles and worries of owning a car. Peace of mind + cheaper driving. What's not to love!

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

YOYO is an on-demand pay-per mile car subscription service where you can drive any car you want and swap any time yours needs changed. Which means you get to drive the right car for the right occasion. Think of it as your own on-demand fleet of cars with none of the hassles of ownership, and for less than the cost of the car you own now.
When you want a car, tell us which one right on your mobile app and where you want it delivered, and a YOYO Agent will drive it to you. 
When you’re done with it, either drop it off at our place, or press a button in the app and we’ll come pick it up.

What’s included in the membership?

Your subscription gives you access to our whole fleet of cars, plus the peace of mind of knowing you’ll never have to deal with a car salesperson, insurance company, or repair shop again :)
Here’s what you get:
The right car for you at the right time 
Delivered wherever you are
Comprehensive insurance
No worries about repair / maintenance
Roadside assistance
Pay only for the miles you drive
Unlimited swaps to other cars
Awesome customer support
Ability to add second drivers
Discounts for referring other subscribers

I'm sold. How do I sign up?

You can't, unfortunately. At least not yet.
We're running a pilot program in the San Francisco Bay Area to start with. Once that's done, we'll expand to other location.  Every city is fair game. Please reach out and let us know where you want us to launch next.
We're ironing out all the kinks out of the service so it can be perfect for you. What you can do in the meantime is signup for our Founding Member notification list. We open up a few slots every month for early adopters, and when we do, our Founding Members get first dibs.
Car ownership is complicated - learn about the pitfalls here
Ready to ditch the car depreciating in your driveway while keeping all of your freedom? Wouldn't you rather just ACCESS a car when you need it instead of dealing with headaches of OWNING it?

Hop in, buckle up, and join us for the ride!